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01:34am 25/11/2006


10:50pm 10/05/2005
  does anybody have nude pictures of people in boxes.... any format any size any quality? and i really have been enjoying this theme.

i am doing a display for a local gallery.


12:00pm 28/04/2005
  who would be interested in a polaroid/old photo of any sorts/exchange?

i am unemployed and i spent finicial aid checks on polaroid film on ebay. i have over 8,000 polaroids. i really want to share my wealth of pictures. i bought several hundred pictures from swap meets and flea markets and i have pictures that will blow your mind. i just really would love to share this with everybody.

in this exchange, you send me as many polaroids as you wish, and i will send you back the same number you sent me.

tell me if you are interested.

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06:35pm 11/01/2005
mood: anxious
my application

my name is casi. im' 22. i live in washington state.
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Odds and ends 
11:36pm 02/08/2004
  Some pictures from this week:
through the looking glassCollapse )
Cross posted if you are in other picture groups


Oh how I love the sky! 
12:45pm 21/06/2004
mood: cheerful
I don't know why, but I can't get enough of taking pictures of the sky.

here are a few from the last couple of weeks! :)

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04:36pm 13/06/2004
  I recently went to visit the family on the farm and loved every minute
So here are some photos from the tripCollapse )

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09:53am 05/05/2004
  Im new. Here are some pictures of my boyfriend and I's house.

*Dan pickin up ciggerette butts in the garden*

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new cam! 
04:54pm 18/04/2004
mood: curious
OK I just got my brand new digi cam for 150 bucks from Best Buy. Just wondering peoples opinions on it. I dont know anything about it but I was looking for something that took bright clear pictures. Its a Kodak easyshare cx6230.

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05:51pm 03/04/2004
mood: content
hm, i decided to post some pictures:

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09:20pm 02/04/2004
mood: creative

Me, x_citylove_x and Natalie, xnot_myselfx are the mods of this lil community. Just post pictures and we'll vote on them. Once accepted;Promote!and keep posting more pictures. I will be posting some pictures soon!


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